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The Bluebirds Showband

Bluebirds. l.: Jim Miller (drums), Alexander Hast (Vocals, Guitar), Lee Thornburg (Trumpet), Ben Olariu (Trombone)Friends
Occasionally one of the Bluebirds has other obligations and someone else has to take over for a night.

In that case, there is an extensive list of top musicians who like to play with us and who we also love to play with.

The photo shows us with Lee Thornburg.

We would like to introduce some of our occasional co-musicians:

Lee Thornburg, Trumpet, Flügelhorn:  Former "Tower of Power" Trumpet, then member of Jay Leno's Tonight Show Band under Kevin Eubanks.  WOW. The Burgermeister of Soul!

Lee Thornburg
Andrew Carney, Trumpet, Flügelhorn: Jazz Player with amazing feeling. He shared the stage with such artists as Dionne Warwick, Whitney Houston, Wayne Henderson, Bobby Lyle, Chaka Khan, Brenda Russell and Randi Crawford. more...

Daniel Ene, Trumpet, Flügelhorn, Pan flute, Guitar, Keys, Vocals:  Former Bluebird for almost a decade who retired in October 2001 but is fortunately still playing with us now on many occasions!  An amazing musician.


Daniel Ene

Paul Navidad, Saxophone, clarinet, keys, vocals: Former Bluebird, plays at Universal Studios, on occasion with Al Jarreau at the Conga Room, and in several bands like "Untamed World". Rocks the stage!

Tim Wendt, Trumpet, Flügelhorn. Great musician who played with us several times.  Ask him to sing "Hello Dolly" - Satchmo is back. more...

Tim Wendt. Trumpet and Flügelhorn.
Roy Wilkins, Bill Barrett, Chuck Howe (Trumpet, Flügelhorn) and John Rosasco (keys, vocals) are further highlights on the Bluebirds Stage!  



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